Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cute SHORT Haircuts...

Hello everyone! Here is a small collection of some fun short cuts to consider. Short hair doesn't have to be boring or non-versatile. Short haircuts are often very wash-n-go easy! Add a little pomade and you're good to go. Enjoy!

Sharon Stone has always been a front runner in adorable short crops. Sassy or classy, she wears these short styles so well. Notice that her bangs and layers help frame her face but those elements also don't overshadow her features or feel too heavy.

If you're scared about your hair stylist taking your hair too short when you sit in her chair, tell her you want a short textured cut but NOT a pixie. Pixies are adorable but if you want something more versatile and flexible, leave the length slightly longer so you have room to play. You can always go shorter on your next visit if you wish so have fun on the journey!

Bring in pictures when going this short so that you are less likely to be misunderstood by your stylist when trying to describe what look you are going for. And don't be afraid of product with a short 'do'. Pomades, texture sprays, and hairspray all help add dimension and depth to your fun cut!


  1. I vote for the last one on you!!!! They're all super cute, you could do any of them! :)