Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fun! Quick! Sweet Hair Tips!

Here are a few fun tips and tricks for cute, healthy, and happy hair!

.Make sure your hair is completely dry and moisture free before applying any hot tools. You may boil and burn your hair.

.Need to trim your own bangs in an emergency? Take small sections and point cut ends instead of cutting straight across. Hair will look more blended & forgive any mistakes.

.Hair can be over protein-ized and become brittle so make sure you alternate or rotate with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

.HAIR TLC!!! Make sure you use the concentrating nozzle on your hairdryer. Always point the hot air down the hair cuticle to help smooth your tresses. Blow with a cool shot at the end to set and seal.

.Got Bangs? A cute way to get them out of your face but still look chic is with a twist or small braid. It’s perfect after the pool or beach when you can’t blow dry and style right away.

.Never go to bed with wet hair. If your scalp stays too wet for too long it can start to flake. So if you take showers at night be sure to blow dry most of the moisture out of hair before your sweet dreams.  

.Want Volume? Use a small tooth comb and tease the roots of small sections on the top of your head. Hair spray and then smooth over the top layer of hair for instant va va voom volume!

Hope these tips helped inspire you! Love, The Happy Hair Stylist

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