Thursday, October 13, 2011

Get Silky Smooth Hair!

The amazing Global Keratin Treatment is a fantastic system designed to restructure the keratin in your hair leaving it feeling soft, shiny, strong, and frizz free. This treatment can be used on all hair types including highlighted, colored, or virgin hair. There are three different levels of strength in the Global Keratin System to create and customize the perfect results for YOU!

Discover more amazing benefits by reading the following key excerpts from the official Global Keratin website…

"Our Promise for Shiny, Soft, More Manageable, Frizz-Free Hair for up to 5 Months! Global Keratin's Hair Taming System with JUVEXIN™ stands alone as the next generation keratin compound. JUVEXIN™ is the only protein compound scientifically proven to protect and restore hair back to its youthful state. It nourishes and transforms hair inside and out to provide beautiful, smooth, healthy hair every day, with less time devoted to styling and maintenance.
Unlike other keratins, JUVEXIN is non-hydrolyzed, maintaining all of nature's healing power. Laboratory tests reveal that the harsh process of hydrolyzation reduces keratin proteins to inactive fragments that cannot effectively bond to hair or offer rejuvenating effects."

Check out the following website for more information:

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions you have on this particular service or other services offered.

Love, The Happy Hair Stylist

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Is Your Hair Too Long?

Many people really have the strong belief that hair stylists do not like long hair. They are convinced that our profession is full of scissor happy barbers that can’t wait to butcher your hair into a short bob or pixie. This is absolutely NOT true! We embrace all types of styles and lengths into our chairs with open arms.

As a hair stylist I want your hair to be as healthy and good-looking as possible. The longer you grow your hair out, the harder it is to keep hair looking free of split ends and vivacious. It is also harder to offer any sort of style to long hair. Not even the best of blow-drying, curling, or teasing can give super long hair volume until gravity robs it away. It’s just a scientific fact! So please hear me out with a few simple suggestions for those clients who have so long you can’t remember your last cut.

You don’t have to be Repunzal to have long hair. Consider taking off two to three inches at your next appointment instead of that half inch and see the amazing difference. You’re hair will actually be happier! Also consider adding in some layering to add shape and texture to long drab tresses. This can help add volume to the top of your hair. And most importantly, if you want to have long hair take care of it! Use good products to help keep it looking and feeling it’s best.

You Repunzals who have reached this point in the blog – I thank you for taking the time to consider what I had to say from someone who cuts hair off for a living. And who knows? You may be asking for a sassy textured bob in just a few visits!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Swimming Hair

Summer is a wonderful time of year to jump in the pool and get some exercise. Swimming laps is great for your body but can take a terrible toll on your hair. I wish I had known these tips and tricks when I was a swimmer back in the day. Take a look at these sweet swimming tips and your hair won't feel so bad when fall comes around:

-Before putting on your swim cap dampen tresses and put in a light conditioner. Hair won’t absorb as much chlorine this way and will also help with removal after your workout.

-After your workout go underwater to take your cap off instead of when you get out of the pool. Cap can slip off easier while still in the pool & reduce breakage. Then go rinse in the shower!

- Use a wide toothed comb on hair after getting out of the pool. Hair will be easier to detangle and also will be more gentle.

-Hair and skin can dry out easily during swim meets and after long workouts. Make sure you stay hydrated with moisturizing conditioners and lotions. Throw a moisturizing detangler in your workout bag and spritz onto your locks in between events or after your shower.

-Always hop into the shower after getting out of the pool to rinse the chlorine out. If you let the chlorine dry into your hair it can cause brittleness and sometimes a greenish hue. Use moisturizing shampoo and conditioners to add nutrients back into your hair.

You'll be swimming to healthy hair in no time!
Love, The Happy Hair Stylist

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What's NEW in Saratoga?

An Open-Air European Style Farmer’s Market
Wednesdays 2:30pm til 6:30pm
In the beautiful Downtown Saratoga Village

·      Succulent seasonal fruit & produce
·      Fresh local meats, poultry & seafood
·      Artisan cheeses & breads
·      Prepared ethnic cuisine
·      Flowers, art & live music
·      Gourmet condiments and jams
·      Unique hand-crafted accessories
·      Mid-week convenience
·      Plentiful parking
·      Located in Blaney Plaza / behind US Bank

Start date: Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hope to see you there!
Love, The Happy Hair Stylist

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Get Inspired with RED!

From auburn, to copper, to fire-engine red, heating up the color on your hair can be make a huge statement.

Add red highlights for a fun punch. Or if you’re a natural red head adding some bolder red or blonde pieces can really brighten and spice up your look.

Could this be you?
Love, The Happy Hair Stylist

The Ombre Hair Trend

This trend is so fun I decided to try it myself! Tons of celebrities have been using this haircoloring technique for a low-maintenance look that grows out beautifully. The term “ombre” describes a fading technique from dark to light in fashion. So basically the look is darker brown roots that gradually fade into light caramelly / blonde ends. Can be subtle or drastic depending on the look you want to go for. It is so low-maintenance because your naturally darker roots can grow out and blend right into your ombre style.

Not as low maintenance for clients who have grays as monthly touch ups would still be required to cover the roots. Great for those who want something fun and different.

So far I am loving the look myself and hope you are inspired to try something new as well.

Love, The Happy Hair Stylist

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The LONG & short of it...

Want beautiful long hair and don't know how to get there?
Here are some tips to help you achieve long, fabulous looking hair:

-Use good products! Shampoo & Conditioners with the right ingredients really do help! Your hair is an investment so why not use good products every day in the shower to keep hair soft and silky.

-Extra TLC goes a long way. Deep conditioning masks and leave-in treatments that have both moisture and protein help keep hair shafts strong and lessen split ends / hair breakage. In salon treatments also help customize what extra boost your hair needs taking into consideration the existing health and texture of your hair.

-Get it cut. People always ask me why they need to get trims when they're growing their hair out. The answer is, cutting off weak split ends while they are just starting helps the problem from getting worse. Hair shafts can split up and out of control causing straggly ends. Getting mini trims every ten weeks or so really helps.

-Have patience. The average person has a 1/2" of hairgrowth per month. So depending on what length you're starting from it can take awhile to reach Rapunzal status. So have patience and enjoy the growing out stages you go through.

Before you know it you'll be chopping your hair off and starting all over again!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Favorite Hair & Beauty Quotes

"Happy girls are the prettiest!" ~ Audrey Hepburn

"Beauty comes in all sizes - not just size 5." ~ Roseanne

"I'm not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know that I'm not dumb. I also know I'm not blonde." ~ Dolly Parton

"This is California. Blondes are like the state flower or something." ~ T.V. Show, Beverly Hills 90210

"How can I control my life when I can't control my hair?" ~ Author Unknown

"Taking joy in living is a woman's best cosmetic." ~ Rosalind Russell

"I'm tired of all this nonsense about beauty being only skin deep. What do you want - an adorable pancreas?" ~ Jean Kerr

Hope you enjoyed! Which is your favorite? 
Love, The Happy Hair Stylist

Friday, January 7, 2011

My Neighborhood

The Downtown Saratoga Village may not be as booming as it once was, but there are a lot of hidden treasures that await you if you give it a try. Stroll the streets and stumble across the wide variety of fun and professional merchants including restaurants, hair salons, nail salons, gift stores, wine shops, spas, jewelry boutiques, and more.

Bring the family and go creek walking, have a BBQ, or play on the playground at the park on 4th street just a stone’s throw away from the Saratoga Inn. Have breakfast or lunch at some of the cutest coffee shops and caf├ęs. Enjoy dinner at one of Saratoga’s amazing restaurants including La Fondue, Florentine’s, The Plumed Horse, The Basin, Hong’s, and a many more.

Numerous beautiful high-end salons and spas can help you make the perfect pampering day. Indulge in professional hair services and treatments, get your nails done, or relax in the spa. Daydream Salon is located to the right of the village entrance on Saratoga Sunnyvale road in charming Neale's Hollow.

For a complete listing of the fabulous businesses Downtown Saratoga has to offer, click on the link below.

Hope to see you around the neighborhood soon!
Love, The Happy Hair Stylist