Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Swimming Hair

Summer is a wonderful time of year to jump in the pool and get some exercise. Swimming laps is great for your body but can take a terrible toll on your hair. I wish I had known these tips and tricks when I was a swimmer back in the day. Take a look at these sweet swimming tips and your hair won't feel so bad when fall comes around:

-Before putting on your swim cap dampen tresses and put in a light conditioner. Hair won’t absorb as much chlorine this way and will also help with removal after your workout.

-After your workout go underwater to take your cap off instead of when you get out of the pool. Cap can slip off easier while still in the pool & reduce breakage. Then go rinse in the shower!

- Use a wide toothed comb on hair after getting out of the pool. Hair will be easier to detangle and also will be more gentle.

-Hair and skin can dry out easily during swim meets and after long workouts. Make sure you stay hydrated with moisturizing conditioners and lotions. Throw a moisturizing detangler in your workout bag and spritz onto your locks in between events or after your shower.

-Always hop into the shower after getting out of the pool to rinse the chlorine out. If you let the chlorine dry into your hair it can cause brittleness and sometimes a greenish hue. Use moisturizing shampoo and conditioners to add nutrients back into your hair.

You'll be swimming to healthy hair in no time!
Love, The Happy Hair Stylist

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