Thursday, June 23, 2011

Is Your Hair Too Long?

Many people really have the strong belief that hair stylists do not like long hair. They are convinced that our profession is full of scissor happy barbers that can’t wait to butcher your hair into a short bob or pixie. This is absolutely NOT true! We embrace all types of styles and lengths into our chairs with open arms.

As a hair stylist I want your hair to be as healthy and good-looking as possible. The longer you grow your hair out, the harder it is to keep hair looking free of split ends and vivacious. It is also harder to offer any sort of style to long hair. Not even the best of blow-drying, curling, or teasing can give super long hair volume until gravity robs it away. It’s just a scientific fact! So please hear me out with a few simple suggestions for those clients who have so long you can’t remember your last cut.

You don’t have to be Repunzal to have long hair. Consider taking off two to three inches at your next appointment instead of that half inch and see the amazing difference. You’re hair will actually be happier! Also consider adding in some layering to add shape and texture to long drab tresses. This can help add volume to the top of your hair. And most importantly, if you want to have long hair take care of it! Use good products to help keep it looking and feeling it’s best.

You Repunzals who have reached this point in the blog – I thank you for taking the time to consider what I had to say from someone who cuts hair off for a living. And who knows? You may be asking for a sassy textured bob in just a few visits!

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