Saturday, April 23, 2011

The LONG & short of it...

Want beautiful long hair and don't know how to get there?
Here are some tips to help you achieve long, fabulous looking hair:

-Use good products! Shampoo & Conditioners with the right ingredients really do help! Your hair is an investment so why not use good products every day in the shower to keep hair soft and silky.

-Extra TLC goes a long way. Deep conditioning masks and leave-in treatments that have both moisture and protein help keep hair shafts strong and lessen split ends / hair breakage. In salon treatments also help customize what extra boost your hair needs taking into consideration the existing health and texture of your hair.

-Get it cut. People always ask me why they need to get trims when they're growing their hair out. The answer is, cutting off weak split ends while they are just starting helps the problem from getting worse. Hair shafts can split up and out of control causing straggly ends. Getting mini trims every ten weeks or so really helps.

-Have patience. The average person has a 1/2" of hairgrowth per month. So depending on what length you're starting from it can take awhile to reach Rapunzal status. So have patience and enjoy the growing out stages you go through.

Before you know it you'll be chopping your hair off and starting all over again!

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