Sunday, October 1, 2017

Halloween Hair Tips & Guide Lines

Considering coloring your hair this Halloween? Read through these tips and guide lines as a precaution so you your hair won’t be scaring you after the spooky night is dead and gone.

Tons of spray dyes line the shelves of Halloween Super Stores calling out your name as a quick answer to colored hair. The temporary hair sprays come in an array of natural and neon shades. They are fun to use to make your hair look wacky but don’t expect smooth shiny hair with consistent coverage. Stick with lighter colors that will wash out like they claim but stay away from dark colors like brown, black, sometime even dark blue and purple. If you’re hair is naturally light or blonde you are more at risk for dye pigments to stick around in your hair even after you get out of the shower, so take precautions and opt for lighter colors to spray. These sprays are the easiest to wash out but if you are really concerned, try spraying a small test strand in the back of your head to see how it washes out before committing to your entire head on Halloween.

You may also be haunted by the shelves of semi-permanent hair color that claim to come out after several washes. A lot of time this is true but there are scary times when this is not always the case. Hair color even in semi-permanent dyes contain pigments that enter through the cuticle of the hair shaft. They do not penetrate much deeper making them easier to fade and wash out but if you have fine hair or damaged hair, the color molecules can “cling on” longer to your hair making it much more difficult to wash out. So be extremely careful when opting for dark colors or simply be prepared for not all of it to wash out in the time claimed.

If you are planning on using more of a permanent color for the night of Halloween know that your color will be just that – permanent. If you are fine with being a Lucille Ball redhead even after you’ve eaten your last piece of candy then that’s fine. Be prepared to live with whatever color you’ve chosen. The worst mistake you could make is dying your hair black to be Morticia and wake up the next day wanting to color your hair back blonde or even brown. It takes more than a magic wand to reverse the effects of permanent dyes in the hair. Bleaching, color stripping, and several sessions of lightening services will be required to lift dark pigments out of the hair. These services are most times damaging and very time consuming. Moral of the story for wanting black hair on Halloween - opt for a wig instead!

More Spooky Tips:
♣    If you’re a blonde stay away from dark colored hair dyes of any kind.
♣    Use the old-fashioned “flour-in-your-hair trick” for looking like a sweet old grandma or a young ugly zombie on Halloween.
♣    Try a wig! Even if you can’t find the perfect cut for your wig, take the scissors to it yourself to custom make your look or take it into your stylist for a makeover.
♣    Look for a costume that your natural colored hair can pull off so you won’t have to worry about coloring it at all.
♣    Attempt to stay away from the color black at all costs.

Did I scare you yet? Enjoy your Halloween but just keep in mind it is just one night of fun and you don’t want to be haunted by the ghost of bad hair days to come.
Love, The Happy Hair Stylist

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