Friday, March 24, 2017

Hair Partings

Get inspired and switch up where you draw the line…

The Middle Part
This part has a seventies flare that is fun and groovy. I love this look because it adds a fun retro vibe in a second. Works best on medium to longer hair with long to no bangs. This middle part looks classic and sleek when ironed straight or soft and flirty when you add waves or curls.

The Side Part
The beauty school rule about side parting is to match up the part with the center of your pupil. Try the classic rule or try a deep side part for a sophisticated vintage look. Side parts compliment most face shapes and work great for side swept bangs. If you can, try changing the side you normally part your hair on for an instant volumizing lift!
The Zig Zag Part
This was huge in the nineties and reminds me of Dixie Chicks music videos. Not such a hot trend right now to have a perfect zig zag but sometimes a looser/messy part can help shake up your routine. This part is great for adding volume because your hair will be parted and lay where it usually doesn’t. This zig zag part melts my hair styling heart when I see it on little girls so be inspired the next time you do your daughter’s hair.

World’s Apart

Sometimes cowlicks affect and unfortunately limit where you’re able to part your hair. Play around the next time you get out of the shower or ask your stylist after she washes to see where your potential problem areas are and find a part where your hair naturally falls. When you find the spot your hair cooperates the best you have found your spot. This way you are not fighting with your hair. I have helped many a client just by switching the side they part their hair. Sometimes it’s that easy!

Have fun with your hair today.
Love, The Happy Hair Stylist

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