Monday, May 1, 2017

The Truth about Deep Conditioning Treatments

Pamper yourself the next time you step into the salon and reap the rewards. Treatments are surprisingly affordable and do more for your hair than you probably thought.

Treatment Benefits:

  • Add Protein. Split ends happen when the hair shaft is dry and brittle, lacking moisture and protein. Blondes are extremely susceptible for lacking protein after lightening services. Treatments help add this protein back into the hair follicle to make it silky and strong.
  • Add Moisture. Hair can be over proteinized so help balance out that problem by adding moisture. Dry damaged hair doesn’t look pretty. Infuse hydrating ingredients into the hair shaft for soft supple tresses.
  • Balance the PH level of your hair. Coloring and highlighting your hair can change the PH levels in your hair, so does flat ironing, curling, and blow-drying. Chemical and mechanical damage to the hair cuticle is a real issue and deep conditioning treatments help address the damage as well as restore hair’s natural PH level.
  • Banish Frizz. Dry hair can look straggly and unkempt. Hydrated hair will lay smoother and help with coarseness. Less frizz means easier styling for you.
  • Experience Longer Lasting Color. Healthy hair holds onto color longer. Crack and damaged hair washes your beautiful color down the drain faster. So make sure to invest in monthly or bi-monthly treatments to keep your color looking vibrant longer.
  • Enjoy Softness & Shine. Who doesn’t love touchably soft and visibly shiny hair? Treatments include nourishing ingredients with oil depositing minerals your hair will love to show off.

The deep conditioning treatments can be mixed and matched to help address and focus on the main problem areas your hair may be experiencing. All of the treatments help with each and every issue listed above in different concentrations. Ask your stylist what prescription you need and start taking care of your hair when you visit the salon by adding on a treatment service. You’ll notice the difference and be glad you did.

Love, The Happy Hair Stylist

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