Tuesday, July 4, 2017

I love Summer!

Sweet Summer HAIR Tips:

♣    Wet your hair and pull some conditioner through before taking a dip. This will help your hair from soaking up the chlorine.

♣    Get fun beachy waves by sleeping in braids overnight!

♣    After taking a dip, rinse hair, use a  nice leave-in conditioner, and detangle. The sooner you help add moisture back into your hair, the better.

♣    The sun can be your friend! If you want to lighten up your highlights skip the hat and let the rays lighten hair up naturally. But don’t forget to always add TLC back w/ good conditioning products after your days out in the sun.

♣    Add fun and flirty highlights around your face for a beautiful sun-kissed look that looks totally natural.

♣    Braid or twist bangs out of your face and secure with a bobby pin or cute clip. Perfect after taking a swim!

♣    Use a wide toothed comb on hair after getting out of the pool/lake/ocean. Will be easier to detangle and also is more gentle on your hair.

♣    Spruce up a basic ponytail by adding a fun summer scarf or headband.

♣    Chlorine can make hair brittle so always rinse right after going swimming. Using a clarifying shampoo can help remove chemicals. Then follow up with a creamy moisturizing conditioner.

♣    On a swim team? Dampen tresses and put a light conditioner in your hair before the swim cap. Hair won’t absorb as much chlorine and will also help with removal after your workout.

♣    More Swim Team tips: Go underwater to take your cap off instead of when you get out of the pool. Cap can slip off easier & reduce breakage. Then go rinse in the shower!

♣    Skin and hair can dry out easily after meets and workouts. Make sure you stay hydrated with moisturizing conditioners and lotions.

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